Herbal Tea Infusion Leave-In Spray


This product is a light non-greasy liquid spray with the uplifting aroma of lemongrass. This exclusive formula is designed to ease combing, detangle and add light moisture to hair daily. Fortified with tea tree oil, it disinfects skin, scalp and hair. Spray onto scalp and hair to dissolve dandruff. Use with Daisy’s Garden Hair Oil as a pre-shampoo and to cleanse starter locs and loc residue. Herbal Tea Infusion conditions hair, eases combing and braid removal leaving hair healthy and tangle free. Our antiseptic recipe relieves scalp itching and absorbs odors trapped in locs and braids. Use with Daisy’s Garden Lemon Butter Cream for loc and all twisting, braiding and adding extensions.

Distilled Water, Glycerine, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Herbal Blend, Lemongrass, Tea Tree Oil, Neems Seed Oil, Essenstial Oil Blend

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Herbal Tea Infusion

8 oz


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