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Aviance with From The Roots

Aviance is a Loc Specialist based in Atlanta.  She uses healthy tecniques and always keeps some Daisy's Garden Products at her station.   Click here to book


Royal Me Loc Salon

This beautiful Stone Mountain salon won't disappoint.  This place has good vibes and professional stylists and they always keep some Daisy's Garden Products on deck.   Click here to book



Tab is a versatile stylist.  Although she is great with chemicals, she specializes in natural hair as well as loc grooming.  She always has some Daisy's Garden Products in her collection of products. To book call her at 404-914-1684

A close up of the back of a person 's head with dreads.

Ms. Q Atl Stylist

Although Ms. Q is experienced with chemicals, she is a natural hair vet.  She is very knowledgeable about locs as well as extensions.  She has been using  Daisy's Garden Products on her clients for years.   Click here to book