About Us


The Team

This mother daughter team is all about natural health and beauty.  They created a hair & body product line from herbs, natural ingredients, and family recipes.  Marcy (mom) specializes in home remedies and holistic healing.  Daisy (daughter) is a natural hair stylist of 25 years.  Their specialties are what make Daisy's Garden Products so effective.

Our Story

Daisy opened her salon, Peezyheadz, in the 90s. She wanted to provide a chemical-free experience for her clients, but there weren't many natural product options at the time.  Marcy formulated 3 products that addressed the needs of Daisy's salon.  The Collection turned out to be such an effective and good smelling product that everyone fell in love. The collection works as a system to repair damaged hair, hydrate, treat dandruff, and promote growth.  Because the formulas include herbs and butters, they work great on skin and beards.  Marcy's signature lemongrass mixture has been known to treat eczema, repel insects, and heal certain skin conditions.