The Collection


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3 Steps to healthy hair & scalp.  The Collection comes with an 8 oz bottle of our signature Lemon Butter Cream, Herbal Tea Infusion Leave-in Conditioner, and Dry Scalp Oil.  Our #1 seller, Lemon Butter Cream can be used for twisting, braiding, and daily hydration.  Use to prevent dandruff.  Our Herbal Tea Infusion Leave-in Conditioner hydrates, repairs, and treats the scalp.  It works well with our Lemon Butter and can be used along with your favorite gel to prevent dryness.  Our Dry Scalp Oil adds shine as a finisher and replenishes after sitting under the dryer.  Use daily for a moisture boost.  For very dry hair, mix our Dry Scalp Oil with your favorite shampoo for mega hydration. The Collection has an exotic lemongrass scent.


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